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What’s Cooking at Kroger?

With so many people who love New Orleans style cooking in the area, I have you covered.  Look to the right when enter the Kroger store, next to the Deli is my chef cooking station. What’s cooking this month? > Click here to view my current Kroger Cooking calendar. And YES, Chef Irv is available to cook a great special occasion meal at your home or your...

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Family is Everything

I was born in New Orleans and got my first cooking lessons from my mother and my aunts.  When my Uncle Jerome hired to to work in his restaurant, I was hooked!  My cooking career has taken me all across the United States, to many places most people have only have seen on tv.  Cooking is a family tradition and an expression of love. Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Please update your browser to view this media...

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